Manage and Protect Your Business, Gain Peace of Mind

Analytics Driven Automation takes Chanalytics to the next level by doing the hard thinking for you – automatically – allowing you to truly optimize your business to a higher level of performance.

Based upon product performance data monitored in Chanalytics, such as your marketing performance and trends across various shopping destination sites, our proprietary Analytics Driven Automation solution automatically adjusts which of your products go to certain destinations. Factors you can control by setting up your own rules include price changes, inventory, click counts and costs, and more.

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Sounds complicated, but using Analytics Driven Automation is very easy.

Easily set up your customized business rules to manage all of your channels – and take charge of your online business on your terms.

This enhanced MerchantAdvantage tool allows analytics applications and processes to communicate and automate the product catalog data feeds based on product performance data. Customize to easily push, pull or update your product mix and better manage your profits. Make it work for you by setting your own rules to control click count, click cost, profit and loss, daily revenue, click/purchase ratio, return on ad spend (ROAS), loss thresholds and more.

A Typical Business Rule to Avoid Click Cost Over-runs

You don’t want to spend more than $25 in click cost at Shopzilla on any of your products and terminate any product that doesn’t sell within a 30-day period. Without Analytics Driven Automation, you must constantly monitor your product performance data, make decisions and take actions – in this case, remove your product from Shopzilla before click cost losses increase beyond your $25 limit.

How Analytics Driven Automation Saves Your Bacon

Because you set a business rule, one of your products is removed from Shopzilla on day 7 when the click cost hits $25 and none have sold. That was the day you were on family vacation, not in your home office managing your product feeds. You gained confidence when you received a confirmation email notifying you the product was removed from Shopzilla, per your rules, immediately. Later that month, another product was automatically removed when clicks hit the $25 limit yet no sales of that product had occurred.